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State Agency Reports

Tennessee Regulatory Authority

Reports for state agencies receiving Recovery Act funds are posted monthly. These reports provide information on the status of recovery funds and list the agency's major completed and planned actions related to implementation of the Recovery Act in Tennessee.

Note: The data as it is presented here is unaudited and should be used for informational purposes only. Due to the timing of awards, obligations and disbursements, totals for those categories in state agency and cumulative reports should not be expected to equal one another or to form an accurate summation. For more information, please consult the Report Data Element Definitions.

State Agency Monthly Reports

Note: The Tennessee Regulatory Authority expended 100 percent of its Recovery Act funds and met its federal reporting requirements under Section 1512. Having expended its funds under the Recovery Act, the Tennessee Regulatory Authority is no longer subject to 1512 reporting in subsequent reporting periods and accordingly discontinued monthly reporting. The last monthly report for the Tennessee Regulatory Authority was for the Month of March 2012.

Reporting Frequency: After the federal government's first ARRA reporting period, state agencies moved from weekly to monthly reporting to make it easier to reconcile Recovery Act reports with other accounting reports.